5 Ways To Get Millennials to Book Your Vacation Rental Property

It’s time to take a look at how well you are marketing your vacation rental property to the audience most willing to spend more money on a vacation than any other: Millennials. The growth of Airbnb and the like are certainly part of a larger trend the country is currently experiencing with the sharing economy, which is estimated to grow from $14 billion in 2014 to $335 billion by 2025.  And as tnooz recently pointed out: “the Millennial now represents the majority of the traveling community . . . the percentage of the market that Millennials comprise is only getting bigger and bigger, so it’s important to go where the numbers are.” Here are 5 ways to get Millennials to book your vacation rental property. Read more

The Best Places To Buy A Vacation Rental In 2018

With any real estate investment, one of the most important things to consider is the location. When you’re buying a vacation rental, you have to make sure it’s in a place that people actually want to go. But that’s not the only factor. When deciding where to buy a vacation rental, you must also consider areas where it is easy and legal to run a short-term rental, and where there is a high ROI on short-term rentals. To make your search easier, here are some of the best places to buy a vacation rental in 2018! Read more

Vacation Rental WiFi: 5 Reasons You Should Not Charge Guests

On paper, it can seem like a no-brainer for your business. Everyone needs WiFi at this point. Why not charge for it? You’re right, and no doubt you’ll make a quick extra buck for doing so, but many property managers don’t realize the long-term effects this can cause to their business. Here are 5 reasons you should not charge for vacation rental WiFi: Read more

Take Your Vacation Rental Guest Communication To The Next Level

Your guests’ overall experience, from their very first inquiry to the day they check out, is based on how you make them feel. Do it right, and you may earn yourself a return booking—or a great online review. Do it wrong, and you may face bad reviews, or worse. Positive communication is critical in connecting with your guests throughout the rental process and ensuring they enjoy their stay. Check out these vacation rental guest communication tips to help you take your guest experience to the next level. Read more

Why You Need Vacation Home Automation

When it comes to owning and managing a successful vacation rental, owners must walk the line between finding ways to make processes quick and simple and finding ways to personalize the experience. In this post, we’ll talk about some of the great benefits of home automation for vacation rentals along with some key areas that automation can be used in your properties! Read more

5 Tips to Survive the Wild, Crazy Summer Vacation Season

The unofficial start of summer vacation season is here, after coming in with a bang Memorial Day weekend. Though property management is a year-round job, the heavy vacation season ramps up the workload, and stress levels, as we strive to take care of guests, issues, owners, repairs, and all the factors that go into a rental property. How many times has dealing with a booking inquiry taken you away from a family meal or woken you up in the middle of the night? Too many #amiright. Here are our 5 tips to survive the wild, crazy summer vacation season. Read more

It’s Time to Take a Stand Together

Earlier this spring, we made a conscious decision to pull away from any two-way integration with HomeAway’s and VRBO’s advertising platform for our product, and we’d like to explain why.

The decision was a direct result of Home Away’s announcement of their recently updated Listing Agreement for Property Managers. This updated agreement includes expansion of off-platform booking definitions, a new set of reporting requirements, and a mandatory submission to internal business audits conducted by HomeAway.

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Creative Vacation Home Guest Book Ideas

As a vacation homeowner, it’s always nice to hear the feedback from guests who have enjoyed their time in your home. Many owners like to leave a guestbook in the house for guests to sign and record comments about their trip. While a traditional guest book is great, some owners may want to step out of the box and find creative ways to hear about their guests’ experiences. Here are some creative vacation home guest book ideas to engage your visitors. Read more

How To Handle Guest Complaints + Bad Reviews For Your Vacation Rental

No matter what you do or how you try to accommodate a guest, some guests just won’t be satisfied. And when those unsatisfied guests leave bad reviews for the world to see, it can seem like a devastating hit. But a few bad reviews don’t mean you should give up. They can actually give you a chance to showcase your customer service and communication skills. Here are some tips on how to handle guest complaints and bad reviews for your vacation rental! Read more