Vacation Rental WiFi: 5 Reasons You Should Not Charge Guests

On paper, it can seem like a no-brainer for your business. Everyone needs WiFi at this point. Why not charge for it? You’re right, and no doubt you’ll make a quick extra buck for doing so, but many property managers don’t realize the long-term effects this can cause to their business. Here are 5 reasons you should not charge for vacation rental WiFi: Read more

Take Your Vacation Rental Guest Communication To The Next Level

Your guests’ overall experience, from their very first inquiry to the day they check out, is based on how you make them feel. Do it right, and you may earn yourself a return booking—or a great online review. Do it wrong, and you may face bad reviews, or worse. Positive communication is critical in connecting with your guests throughout the rental process and ensuring they enjoy their stay. Check out these vacation rental guest communication tips to help you take your guest experience to the next level. Read more

Creative Vacation Home Guest Book Ideas

As a vacation homeowner, it’s always nice to hear the feedback from guests who have enjoyed their time in your home. Many owners like to leave a guestbook in the house for guests to sign and record comments about their trip. While a traditional guest book is great, some owners may want to step out of the box and find creative ways to hear about their guests’ experiences. Here are some creative vacation home guest book ideas to engage your visitors. Read more