Get More Direct Reservations On Your Site… With The Right Vacation Rental Booking System

While a comprehensive vacation rental management platform can go a long way to improve your organization and productivity, the vacation rental booking system is a crucial component that can’t be overlooked. The right reservations system can increase your ability to close leads and take bookings directly through your site—rather than losing revenue through commissions to other online reservations channels. Vacation rental booking platforms are often available as standalone software or as part of a larger management system. Either way, you’ll need a reservation system that is easy to access, syncs with your other business tools and software, and keeps all of your bookings organized. To help you get more direct reservations on your site, here are a few key features to look for in a great rental booking platform.

There’s nothing more stressful than being on the phone with a guest and fumbling through difficult software, trying to find their reservation. If you’re unorganized, you could be sabotaging your bookings. So get it together J. Get a great vacation rental booking system—like the Bookfull’s Integrated Booking Tool, which syncs with Bookfull management software to keep everything easily accessible from one place.

The booking software that’s best for you will depend on a variety of factors, including how many properties you manage and how technologically inclined you are. You’ll also have to consider how much you want your software to do for you and how much it costs. One thing’s for certain: you want a system that keeps your reservations clear and easy to access. Look for a platform that reduces the chances of double bookings, is flexible + dependable, and makes keeping track of bookings a breeze. Here are six characteristics that your vacation rental booking system needs to have!

It’s Cost Effective

Most booking systems for rentals charge a base fee that you pay either once a month or once a year. Make sure you read the fine print and are aware of any extra fees such as a fee for future software updates, a commission on bookings, support fees, cancellation fees or a set-up cost. If you’re paying more for your booking software than you’re making in bookings, it’s time to reevaluate your resources. You want your vacation rental booking system to make earning money easier, not drain your budget!

It Makes Taking Bookings Easier

In your busy life, you don’t need any more tedious and multi-step processes to tie you down. Your booking software should make it easy to add guest information, update calendars and send notifications. It should be also mobile-friendly, so both you and your guests can access information from your phone. Editing a property or reservation should also be quick and easy on your end. It’s all about making your life easier, so you can make the most out of your day without unnecessary steps slowing you down or giving you a headache.

It Makes Keeping Track Of Funds Simple

You like making money, right? Having a vacation rental booking system that makes the accounting side of your business run smoothly is important in earning a profit. The ideal rental booking platform should sync with your management and/or accounting software, making it easy to generate quotes, collect payment, send payment reminders and get confirmations.

It’s Innovative + Always Evolving

We live in a fast-paced world where no serious business can afford to be using outdated software. You need a system that is built using the latest technology and is constantly being improved to stay ahead of the game. A solid support team to quickly address bugs and system failures is a must. As your business grows, your booking system should too.

It Has A Good Reputation

You probably checked out the reviews of the new restaurant you tried recently or asked around about the best place to get new tires, right? So why wouldn’t you ask for recommendations and read online reviews before selecting a booking system? Sure, mistakes happen and systems have bugs, but play close attention to how the business handled those mistakes. Checking website reviews can help you get an idea about what people love about a particular system—and what they don’t.

You Like Using It

If your reservations software is easy to use and makes it easy to convert inquiries into bookings, you’re going to enjoy using it. And that means you’re actually going to benefit from it. But if it’s glitchy or poorly designed, it’s time to switch. A great vacation rental booking system will be easy on the eyes, easy to understand, and enjoyable to use.

Bookfull Checks All Of The Boxes

Managing a vacation rental property is about understanding all of the working parts that create a well-oiled machine. Finding the right tools and resources can make each step of the process easier. Out of all the decisions you have to make as a property owner or manager, choosing a flexible, reliable and user-friendly booking software should be at the top of the list.

As a component of our comprehensive vacation rental management platform, Bookfull offers an integrated booking widget that allows you to take direct bookings on your site. With this widget, you can bypass fees and commissions common with other popular reservation channels while syncing your calendar with other important elements of your business. That’s because Bookfull comes with many other integrated software features that make vacation property management a cinch. State of the art technology and seamless connectivity combined with a professional support team and user-friendly controls make Bookfull the easy choice. Did we mention it’s FREE? Consider all boxes checked.

Don’t waste your hard-earned cash on vacation rental booking software. Try Bookfull for free today!


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