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Why We Changed the Name of the Software

“How do you spell that?”
“What did you say?”
“Hi, is this v-room r-e-s?”
“What was your name again?”
“No sorry, it’s V-Room-Res like vroom vroom!”
“Did you say BroomRes?”
“Repeat that again?”
“V for victor, R for romeo, O for oscar…”

Why We chose VROOMRes in the First Place

When we were first starting out, our priority was on building the best product we could, and less so on the name. At that time, we believed the essence of our tool, and the thing our users needed more of would be speed, ie“vroom”. But as we continued to develop our team realized that referencing speed in this way was pigeonholing us, when in reality our platform does so much more. We also ran into our name causing confusion, as you can tell above. While renaming and rebranding is a big undertaking, in the end, it’s worth it to have an excellent product as well as a great brand.